Pata Chemical & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established on December 30, 2535 by Mr.Sngun Chanlongsirichai, an expert in the field of chemicals trading relating to metal plating, backed by over 40 year's experience.The Company was estabished with the mission of selling chemicals and equipment used in all types of metal plating operation

Khun Snguan started the business as a modest activity expanded to record a current annual turnover of 1,500 million Bath.
The gogl is to continue this tradition of growth, in response to the growth of the metal plating industry in tandem with national economic expansion.

At present, the Pata Chemicals and Machinery Group of Companies comprises :

  • 1.Patachemicals and Machinery Co.,Ltd., involved in the retail of chemicals and equipment utilised in metal plating.
  • 2.Poly Hitech Co.,Ltd., the manufacturing factory for metal plating chemicals.

Chemicals sales

Patachemicals and Machinery Co.,Ltd. imports high-quality chemicals and equipment at reasonable prices from around the world. The primary import market is japan, con-ducted through C.Uyemura Co.,Ltd. which is Japan's lagest metal plating chemicals production factory.

The main import items are :

  • 1.Nickel, Zinc, copper, chromium, tin and tin alloye, brightener.
  • 2.Pre – treatment chemical such as cleaners, degreasers and polishing compounds.
  • 3.Post – treatment chromate conversion coating

At present, more than 200 imported product ranges are sold domestically, to cater to all the varied needs of metal plating technologies.
Patachemicals and Machinery Co.,Ltd. import high-quality chemicals and equipment at reasonable prices from around the world.